In the name of Yahawah.
So, when the Defacto or any corporation uses any process whatsoever they are using it against the legal fiction, which they want YOU to think IS YOU. But when your name is written in all capital letters, IT IS NOT YOUR NAME!!. It is the designation of a legal fiction that is an entirely separate entity. A living human cannot be a legal fiction, and a legal fiction cannot be a living human. One is real or natural, the other is created by "law."
Whenever a government agency (such as a court) determines liability it is a liability of the legal fiction or Straw Man since everything is done in commerce. You are presumed, as evidenced by the pledge of your governor, to be the surety for the Straw Man and you must pay the liability. REMEMBER: Every transaction is presumed by the "government" to be a transaction in commerce by a legal fiction. 

  Is there a remedy or out?
 Family  the only way out of this is to defeat the presumption that you are the surety for the Corporation/ Straw Man (legal fiction). The "S.P.C. Redemption Process" is the most promising way to defeat this presumption, using the Uniform Commercial Code, which is their "law" that the fictional commercial world operates under. The first step is to "Control the Straw Man," by filing a UCC-1 financing statement to secure a claim against the all capitalized legal fiction, or Straw Man, and the property/collateral. The next step is to accept your birth certificate for value and become the Holder in Due Course of that document. You will also want to accept for value your Drivers License, marriage license, other permits or licenses, and the Social Security Number that was assigned to the Corporation 

The SPC filing and the acceptance of these documents will REDEEM you and the Debtor and the property, by placing a wedge over the title(s) to the property, from the commercial system and establish documented evidence to defeat the presumption that you are the surety for the legal fication.   When the birth certificate is accepted for value, YOU become the Holder in Due Course and the Governor's position in the equation is also changed. Since the Governor is the GUARANTOR of the pledge when you are no longer the surety he/she becomes the surety for the corporate construct.
Shalawam first giving all praises to the god of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Yahawah.  My family I only ask that you do not be like 95% of the people that I talk to that I suggest they get both of my books Commercial Warfare We the People vs Despotism and The Infliction of Commerce, also  a good book on contract law  Brains Blum's  book, that they get a Black's Law 4th dictionary, get a Webster Col-ligate Dictionary, listen to a good motivational speaker such as Les Brown, Eric Thomas, James Allen or Tazadaq Shah to help you change your thinking and Most Importantly study the Bible!  What most people do not know is that one thing that used to be required for all Law students was to study the bible it was a part of their curriculum.  If you fail to do these things you will not know who to properly respond to offers, this entire game is about offer and acceptance which is contact law.  Its imperative to overstand contact law.